• General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations


    Q: Thank you for having the opportunity to attend the conference. It is very useful, debated issues being easier to understand. GIES Romania

  • Silje Berger

    Norwegian Coastal Administration

    Q: What is the definition of double funding? Can a project receive funding from multiple sources? E.g. EU and non-EU funding to create a larger Project. (to Ruxandra Serdean-Verde)

  • OA

    NCSRD, Greece

    Q: How many proposals were submitted last year and how many proposals were selected? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Dag Olav Hogvold


    Q: How is your total budget now compared with previous years? €1.5 mill. for prevention projects (internal) gives only two projects? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Q: V. Papadopoulou Is the participation of UK partners eligible?

  • B. Fassoulas

    NHMC Uni Crete, Greece

    Q: You referred to a support letter from National CP authorities. Till now they were only acknowledging their info about the submission of a proposal. Now they should document their support. This is a change, isnt' it? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • C, Fassoulas

    NHMC Uni Crete

    Q: You mentioned letter of support from all countries as necessary. Till now the national authorities were only acknowledging their info about the submission of a proposal. From now on you will be askying for their support, which is different. Is it so?

  • Simon Ravnič


    Q: How many countries are suggested to participate? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • arrigo

    provincia di Trento

    Q: How much partner do you think will be a good solution? (to Gaetano Vivo)