• Andreas

    Q: For questions on the legal and financial aspects, who should an applicant contact? (to Kathleen Rosiers)

  • John

    Q: Can you explain under which circumstances is sub-contracting allowed under a grant? (to Francesco Zeni)

  • Caluori Satei


    Q: From my last question is...SPAIN...sorry..!! (to Jose Almodovar)

  • Gustavo Caluori


    Q: We are fron Sapin and developed a Ntional System for Alert and Emergency in Argentina...could we work in all this activities into the Latam Civil Proteccion agencies with your support..?? (to Jose Almodovar)



    Q: Sharing sea boarders with a country fulfils the eligibility criteria for a consortium? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Christos Evangelidis

    National Observatory of Athens

    Q: Italy and Greece share a border at sea. Is that ok? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Dimitrios Karampelas

    Swedish civil contigencies agency

    Q: Under which circumstances can a project include costs that incured before the signing of the grant agreement in the budget? Is there a general rule? Can a proposal include these cost in its application or it has to be agreed with the Commission under the agreement negotiations? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Gustavo Caluori


    Q: Spain and North Africa...?? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Q: you mention the relevance of long-lasting partnership. Is it considered an added-value to complement current partnership already established by other funds operating in DRR through the PPP programme? (to Gaetano Vivo)

  • Radmila Salic


    Q: 1) As institution coming from N. Macedonia, are we eligible for internal (EUR 2.000.000) or external (EUR 1.000.000) budget? 2) Does all institutions in the consortium must belong to the counties that share border? 3) What is the maximum allowable budget per project? 4) Is the number of participating institutions per country limited?

  • Gustavo Caluori

    Sur Aerospace Sapin S.L. (SpaceSUR)

    Q: When we could find recorded this event.?? (to Nacira Boulehouat)